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When you have an erection, your brain secretes a hormone that

Another note about this toy worth mentioning is the condom requirement. If you choose to share this toy with a friend you will definitely want to use a condom to cover it. TPR is somewhat porous and condoms are just the barrier you will need to keep their fluid and b

The vibrations are not particularly strong

Thank you for replying. I forgot to mention within the last year my husband and I have set up boundaries as best we can, and thankfully my mother in law did not visit in that example I gave in my original post. We also agreed not to provide any more personal informat

I telling myself to pump that shit and blow the judges away

I start to get cold feet with the pump. I telling myself to pump that shit and blow the judges away. I couldn do it. As the Harrisburg reporter for StateImpact Pennsylvania, Marie Cusick covers energy and environmental issues for public radio stations statewide. She'

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To this day Realistic Dildo, I can remember what that felt like. May be one of the reasons it is still relatively rare for me to be able to cu

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I agree that the show has lost its way clip-in hair extensions, although I am apparently the only person on the entire internet who felt the emergency roo

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I got my period at the normal time before and after.I took my pills a little irregularily for a few days, but then switched my every day pill time and I've stuck to it since. I don't think that's the cause, I've taken them more irregularly than that before.The exact

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I have a few other friends who've named their instruments, too: a violinist who named her violin Fabio sex chair, another violinist who named hers Mr. Darcy a

For example, I have several close friends who have had

The silicone has a small amount of drag and this can be alleviated with a small amount of water based lubricant. In terms of texture the toy is fairly smooth. The sensation from the toy comes from the shape of the G spot curve.. Pipedream presents the Japanese Silk (

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I tested it for length of time between charges and also how long it took to charge up. The length of time between charges if it is being used is about 3 hours. At first when you receive it it usually takes about 24 hours to charge, less after that. Fair. Im really go

When you have your partner tied up and you're giving them

When you're using this, you could end up using all parts of it for your sexual pleasure. When you have your partner tied up and you're giving them discipline with the 22.5" faux leather straps, flip the flogger over to the handle and let that go to work on them as we